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The Many Benefits of Reusable Face Masks, Besides Keeping You Safe

Wearing face masks have quickly become the norm, with many places even requiring one for entry. Regardless of whether you’re super excited about wearing a mask or not, you still have to wear one in most instances – especially as we enter back into everyday life. However, rest assured that wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. Many companies have risen to the occasion and now create different kinds of face masks. From reusable to disposable, to no filter to 4 layers of filters, you can pick and choose which mask best suits you. Out of all the different masks, it seems that the reusable ones are everywhere we look – and most convenient to use.  Here at Intrepid Face Masks, we have state of the art, reusable masks that can benefit you in many ways besides, just keeping you and others safe. 

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Saves Money

One of the main reasons we encourage reusable masks is first, for safety reasons, but they also give you other benefits that the disposable style can’t give you. When you get a reusable mask, you are saving a lot of money in the long run. The disposable masks are only supposed to be for one-time use and then thrown out. If you are someone who leaves your house frequently, then relying on disposable masks can become expensive. You’ll probably need to replenish your mask supply frequently, and given that we aren’t sure how much longer face masks are going to be required, that could seriously add up. With reusable face masks, you can buy one and be safe for the long term. These facial coverings are washable and built to last for the long run. 


Environmentally Friendly

The biggest downside to masks is the environmental impact they have had. People are throwing out their disposable masks on the side of the road, in the grass, and so on. Anywhere that you could litter, a face mask has made an appearance at least once. It has even gotten to the point where animals have become affected by the use of face masks – which is something we want to do our best to avoid. With a reusable mask, you don’t have to worry about throwing it in the trash can because of poor quality, or short term usage. You can plan to use this multiple times without throwing them out.


Surgical Masks are Usually for Medical Professionals

Another reason why we should all try and stick with reusable masks is that the disposables should be saved for medical professionals. We understand some people prefer the disposable ones and do not have the time to wash the reusable ones; however, many of us outside of the medical profession can get away with wearing a reusable mask without the same challenges medical professionals face. All you have to do to keep them clean is throw them in the wash with your clothes. You can even hand wash them if you want. This gives us the ability to make it so medical professionals have the easy-to-use, materials they need to continue providing care. 


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In 2020, wearing a face mask is the new normal, at least for right now. And what better way to get into the spirit of promoting safety than to do it in a way that benefits everyone. From protecting yourself, your wallet, others, and animals, reusable face masks are worth purchasing. Here at Intrepid Face Masks, we have reusable face masks at affordable rates. Contact us today to learn more about our reusable face masks.

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