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Disposable Masks: A Deeper Look at Protection

Let’s be honest, the reusable masks aren’t feasible for everyone, and sometimes you are in a pinch and need a disposable one. Whatever the reason is, it’s critical to know the facts about the mask you decide to wear. When it comes to health and safety, knowledge is power. This mask style is familiar as it is seen in dentists, doctors, nurses, and other professionals in healthcare settings. However, with the rise of COVID-19, these masks quickly became popular with the public. While knowing that healthcare professionals use these masks can provide a level of comfort and trust, it’s still good to know the benefits and downfalls of the disposable masks. Here at Intrepid Face Masks, we have all the facts you need to make a decision best for you. And if you are firmly going to wear a disposable mask when you go out in public, then at least you can know how it protects you.


The Usual Purpose of the Disposable Mask.

The disposable masks are usually reserved for healthcare professionals as they are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA. These masks are used by healthcare professionals to protect against any fluids or droplets that may come their way. These droplets also include bodily fluids and hazardous substances. The general public chooses to wear them to do the same but the risk is a lot different for us.


How Do they Fit?

Disposable masks are a lot tighter than reusable masks because of the way they are secured. In most cases, the reusable mask will come with adjustable straps to adjust the fit to make it as comfortable as possible. But because disposable masks are made for temporary usage, they aren’t made to be as comfortable. This extra tight fit is also intended to keep people exposed to hazardous materials, body fluids, and other harmful chemicals as safe as possible – which means a tighter fit.


How Often Can You Wear the Mask?

The most common question about the disposable mask is how often you can wear it before having to throw it out. This question depends on your situation and where you are wearing the mask. If you are wearing it to run into the store and are doing self-checkout, then you can probably wear it again. But, if you wore it to a social gathering or to the gym, then you should definitely trash it. The masks aren’t made to be worn after sweating or doing intense work so if this is the case, you definitely want to switch it up a bit. The more people you are around, the more likely fluids are to make their way onto the mask. The best thing to do is throw it out after every wear, but if you want to get specific, we recommend playing it safe.


General Consensus

This type of mask style is great for those who need it for quick use, and probably do not leave the house too often. You do have to throw out these masks after use, and they can not be washed. 


We’ve Got You Covered!

Whatever type of mask style you prefer, Intrepid Face Masks has you covered. Whether you are a fan of single-use masks and need to stock up on disposable ones, or you like being able to wear them and wash them as you please, you can order them with us. The important thing is that you are practicing safe habits by wearing a mask. Right now, the best thing we can all do is keep others safe with safe habits. To learn more about the value of masks, contact us today!

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