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Our KN95 is a reusable respirator face mask for General Public use & are made of strong yet lightweight, completely breathable mesh materials.

Intrepid KN95 Product Features

Not all masks are the same. See what sets our KN95 masks apart from the others.


Our KN95 masks come in a resealable bag, with 5 individual KN95 masks each. Take them on the go and use as needed.

4-Layer Construction

Non-Woven Inner Layer, Meltblown Filter, Hot Air Cotton Filter, and Non-Woven Outer Shell. Equivalent to N95 in filtration.


Our KN95 is a disposable & breathable mask which offers more protection than standard disposable 3-Ply masks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all of our mask are direct shipped and usually in your hands within 5 days. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100 or more.

The simple answer is no. Yet, no mask whether KN95 or a medical grade respirator can guarantee that you will not contract Covid-19. But wearing a mask has been proven time after time to help reduce the spread of the Corona-virus and to “flatten the curve”.

N95s and KN95s are both evaluated to catch 95% of particles, though the KN95 masks are required to pass through fit testings. N95’s have slim margins for better breathability. As to filtration particulars, N95 and KN95 respirator masks are exactly the same mask. The two are equally rated to catch 95% of minuscule particles (as little as 0.3 micron particles).

Yes we do and we have other addons available to a bulk order including PPE and Sanitizer. Please contact us below.


It is extremely important to use your mask correctly!

Open the mask fully, position the mask with the metal nose strip up. Use both hands to press the metal nose strip to fit the bridge of the nose and achieve a better protective effect.

Make sure to clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before & after applying or adjusting your mask.

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